Safety Bulletin:


11 March 2020


The safety of our workforce is paramount and we continue to ensure we provide a safe work environment for all our people. .

With the aim of minimising the risk of exposing our people to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the following travel guidelines apply to personal travel effective immediately.

This guideline applies to both employees and contractors.

Given the Coronavirus is a rapidly changing situation, Emeco is discouraging all international travel in order to minimise the risk of exposing our workforce to the virus.

Exposure to crowds at the airport and on the plane in itself poses risk.

The Australian Government Department of Health, Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA) provides a list of countries and regions which are considered by CDNA to pose a risk of transmission to travellers arriving in Australia. The list is changing regularly. As at the date of this Guideline, China, Iran, Italy and South Korea are listed as higher risk countries. All other countries are listed as moderate risk countries.

Where a worker elects to travel internationally, there is a risk the virus has been transmitted to the worker and, accordingly, under Emeco’s policies the worker is deemed to be unfit for work for at least 14 continuous days upon arrival back into Australia and until cleared by Emeco. During this period, you are at risk of not being paid.

As previously communicated, you are also required to notify us immediately in the following scenarios:

  • If you or any person in your household plans to travel internationally for business or personal reasons (notification to be made prior to travel).
  • If you or any person in your household has travelled to a Higher Risk Area or Moderate RiskArea in the past month.

To assist you and Emeco with this, we now require all employees and contractors to complete the COVID-19 Exposure Questionnaire and email it to:

Melissa Lotriet, HSE Coordinator -

Please download the form by clicking the button below.