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Heavy diesel fitter in mining

Heavy Diesel Fitter Jobs.

Are you looking to take the next step in your career?

Mining – a cornerstone of the Australian economy – generating billions of dollars a year. It’s an industry that employs thousands of people, often working in tough conditions and in the remotest of places.

But it’s not just the people that a mine relies on, it’s also the hundreds of machines. Most are powered by powerful diesel engines – from the excavators, generators to the big earthmovers and trucks to the drilling equipment, itself. And well, with this amount of diesel engine powered heavy equipment and machinery, it’s no surprise that a heavy diesel fitter is one of the most important jobs in mining.

The primary role of a heavy diesel or HD fitter is to keep the metaphorical wheels of operation, moving, 24/7, 7 days a week. The dusty and often, muddy conditions on a mine cause damage and put enormous stress on the heavy equipment which, in turn, can put workers’ safety at risk from malfunctions and cause valuable and expensive down-time when machines break down or don’t run efficiently.

This means the focus of a diesel fitter is on checking, maintaining and fixing the many and multiple types of diesel engines across the whole site to maintain efficiency and protect its’ workers.

Day To Day Job Diversity.

What can you expect to be doing?

It’s this diversity that attracts many diesel fitters to want to work in the mines. With so many different types of diesel engines being used across site, diesel fitters can be working across different sized engines from a host of different machines and equipment, and both outdoors as well as in the on-site machine workshops.

Heavy diesel fitters can expect to be diagnosing, repairing, tuning and maintaining diesel powered engines, hydraulic components of diesel-powered attachments such as hoists, lifts, booms and pumps. Dismantling, repairing and reassembling engines, transmissions and steering columns. Using various welding techniques and machining processes to replace and repair parts. Using computers, instruments and specialised tools to inspect, diagnose, repair and test faults and repairs.

It’s this variety that makes for a more diverse and challenging environment than a typical shop or industrial site.

It also creates opportunities to specialise in certain types of equipment which can lead to greater rewards and job stability given the nature of having a specialised skillset. In demand specialisms are digger fitters, focused on the earth moving equipment. Also, drill fitters who specialise in engines that power the surface drill rigs and other drilling equipment. And then there’s the heavy-duty fitters, who look after the engines in trucks, pumps and the like.

Expression Of Interest

We are seeking a range of local candidates in the WA Goldfields for present and future work at our Kambalda operations.

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HD Fitter Job Perth

Are you looking for a HD fitter Job in Perth? Come and work alongside some of the best in the industry in our purpose built workshop in Maddington.

Full time roles, great conditions and rewarding work. if that sounds like you, click here to apply!

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Then, There’s Life On A Mine.

What can you expect?

Although not always, often times a key part of taking up a job as a diesel fitter on a mine is being able to work the FIFO (Fly- In, Fly-Out) rosters. Given the remote locations of most mines, it usually requires workers to come to site for a 2-3-week ‘on’ period and to then fly-out for 1-2 weeks ‘off’. It’s a pretty gruelling schedule given the often hot and dusty conditions on-site, long hours and the extended time away from family and friends.

However, the rewards can be very lucrative. From the opportunity to pursue a highly valued specialism to the handsome salaries that go with such a prized trade. Salaries can range from the $65,000 mark for entry-level positions – higher than the national average, to around $140,000 for experienced heavy diesel fitters, to in excess of $180,000 for specialisms or those with highly valued skills and experience. Additionally, while it is not for everyone, the FIFO lifestyle, or opportunity to relocate the family to a mining town can have some really cool benefits.

We often post diesel fitter jobs and heavy diesel fitter jobs. So if you’d like to find out more about a career with Pit N Portal, then get in touch, or visit our mining jobs page.

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