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Mining technician

How to get a job in the mines.

3 Top Tips.  

The mining industry employs over 250,000 people and has seen growth over the last 5 years of 21.4%*. Mining companies are constantly on the hunt for suitable candidates – particularly those from skilled trades. 

Saying that, recruiters are careful to not just hand out roles to fill the gaps. High onboarding expenses mean finding candidates with not only the right skills but also the right attitude and aptitude to be able to hack the tough conditions on a mine, is critical to managing costs and operational efficiency. 

So, if you’re looking to make the move into mining as a career, then here’s our top tips to getting ahead in the fiercely competitive race for mining jobs.

Qualifications & Tickets. 

Given the high demand for mining roles, from entry-level mining jobs to skilled trades, recruiters often use ‘check-lists’ to whittle down the candidate pool for interview – starting with qualifications. If you’re coming from an experienced background, then you’ll already have these in the bag, along with some experience under your belt – all great starting points. However, mining work requires up-skilling to be able to transition into the often complex and specialist nature of mining. And then there’s the ‘tickets’. These are mining specific qualifications focused on things like safety, working at heights and in confined spaces, driving HV’s, to name a few. 

Training & Tickets.

Getting a head start.

The up-skilling and ticketing qualifications and courses can often be expensive and very quickly start to add up, so our top tip is to do your research by directly contacting prospective employers to check exactly what you need to meet the minimum hiring criteria and what they provide in-house. 

And then anything extra you might choose to do will increase your employability by showing your dedication and motivation. 

The best route is to search for RTO’s – Registered Training Organisations – with many focused on the mining industry. It’s also worthwhile looking into RPL, Registered Prior Learning. This looks at whether you have prior experience that can be credited towards your mining qualifications – saving you some time and money. 

Having the right mining qualifications for your trade and the relevant tickets will help you tick the initial screening boxes. And it shows you have researched, invested in and committed to a career in the mines, which will give you a distinct advantage and shows an employer that you’re a good investment.

Another bonus tip here is to also consider getting a thorough medical examination, valid for 6 months, which will show you are physically fit, drug-free and ready to start work.

Expression Of Interest

We are seeking a range of local candidates in the WA Goldfields for present and future work at our Kambalda operations.

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Connections, Connection, Connections.

Get ahead by getting out there.

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. And this is true of the mining industry. So, put yourself out there, attend industry events, meet-ups and job fairs to try and build your contacts and meet people who might be able to open doors to potential roles for you. Use your network – or find networks through social media or local groups – to tap into these communities to see if they can help you get a foot in the door. 

Another option to consider would be to either visit or relocate to a mining town. Recruiters tend to look on their door step as a first port of call for their resourcing requirements. So, being where the action is means that you’re either first in the queue for the role you’re after, or mingling with the locals, in the bar or at the local footy game, means you might just end up meeting someone who can help open doors for you. 

And then make use of a recruitment agency. Many have specialist teams looking to place hundreds of skilled candidates in to mining roles. They will also be able to help with advice on what qualifications, tickets and experience are required. While these guys are the middle-men, they are also a critical step into the HR teams at the mine, itself, and so it pays to make sure you work just as hard to impress these guys as it does putting your effort into perfecting your CV. 

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Mining Mindset.

It’s a way of life.

Your qualifications, tickets and any relevant experience will tick the first stage of the selection process. The next criteria that recruiters and employers will look for is attitude and aptitude. The right ‘type’ of person is just as important as the skills needed. 

A job working in the mines is tough and not for the faint of heart. Workers come and go very quickly if their days are spent mostly complaining. So, a can-do attitude and being able to demonstrate you know exactly what life on a mine involves, will show you’ve done your homework and know what to expect.

Then there’s the basics, a well-written and laid out CV. Focus on your experience as much as your qualifications and remember, less is more when it comes to CV’s. Keep track of all your applications so as you can follow-up and make sure you’re quick to respond to any requests for more information. Whilst it’s true that skilled workers are in demand, recruiters and mining companies consider the full package in assessing a prospective employee and will have no issues with being choosy. 

So, there you have it, 3 key things to do as you embark on searching for a job in mining. And whilst demand for skilled workers will always exist, so will the supply, and hence why putting your best foot forward will give you the best possible chance of getting that all-important, ‘YES’.  

For more information on a career in mining or the current job vacancies available at Pit N Portal, visit our mining jobs page

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