Mining Services

Commencing in 2014, Pit N Portal’s Mining Services has grown to become a provider of comprehensive mining services to clients across Western Australia.

We are able to offer a range of services ranging from maintained equipment through to full service contracts under various contract arrangements which are tailored to each project and the client.

We are committed to safe and efficient production, which is highlighted by our safety records including 1,000+ days LTI free at an Alliance contract near Southern Cross, WA.

Our strength is driven from our ability to supply, maintain and operate our own mining fleet on behalf of our clients and partners which leads to higher efficiency and lower costs for your business.



Technical Services

Pit N Portal’s unique differentiation is our ability to attract and retain high quality technical personnel with comprehensive experience in underground mining. We offer the full suite of Technical Services to our valued clients, ranging from the generation of JORC-compliant Mining Reserves through to the provision of Mine Geologists, Mining Engineers, Mine Surveyors and allied professionals. Our trained personnel utilise Deswik and Datamine software across mine planning, survey and geology functions along with our internal databases to accurately track production.

Our services include:

Mine Designs, Mine Planning & Scheduling (including JORC2012-compliant Ore Reserve Statements)

Statutory Mine Management (including First Class Mine Manager & Grade One Surveyor appointments)

Provision of all Technical Personnel and Services



With a fleet of modern twin-boom and single boom development drills, Pit N Portal is able to offer rapid development, conventional and narrow-vein mining options to our clients. In conjunction with our quality maintenance practices and in-house electrical services team, our mining crews are able to efficiently and safely extract mineral resources on schedule and budget.

Our services include:

Portal Establishment

Decline and Incline Development

Level and ore drive development (including mechanised narrow-vein mining)

Rehabilitation and Ground Support

Provision of all supervisory, mining, maintenance and support personnel



As your Underground Production Partner, Pit N Portal offers comprehensive options for our clients across Australia. We are able to offer services ranging from fully maintained equipment through to comprehensive production services offered at the majority of our sites. In addition to our high standard internal training, our production personnel hold statutory qualifications such as the WA Shotfirer’s licence along with external training packages for our electronic initiation systems.

Our services include:

Conventional and Tele-remote stope bogging

Modern loaders with full guidance systems

Longhole and airleg slot rising

Production drilling

Electronic initiation systems for optimised timing and blast results


Handheld Mining

Pit N Portal Mining Services has a core group of experienced miners able to undertake handheld mining in rises, drives and stoping. Our comprehensive safety management system ensures that the risks associated with handheld mining are mitigated through appropriate supervision, training and risk assessments.

We have completed handheld narrow-vein mining contracts which generated significant revenue to our clients via selective airleg mining in a safe and productive manner. In addition, our experienced and highly competent miners regularly complete slot rises and fully equipped escapeway rises at our operations.