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Since its beginning in Kalgoorlie, Pit N Portal (PNP) has retained its single-minded purpose; to create reliable, efficient and cost-effective underground mining service solutions.

Over the past two decades, PNP has expanded its capacity and capability to encompass total, whole-of-mine solutions, across the country.

Whether it be a re-start or new mine scenario, PNP supports junior, mid and tier 1 clients in attaining their goals. The key way PNP supports clients is by applying a partnership approach; sharing its proven systems, resources and technology.

In conjunction with a can-do culture, that model has an impressive track record of delivering 'best for project' results and client satisfaction.

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Equipment Services

Whether it be sales, hire, repair, maintenance or a total rebuild; PNP offers the complete spectrum of underground mining equipment solutions.

Relevant to those seeking a comprehensive equipment hire solution; PNPs National reach and client-orientated flexibility equate to rapid, low-cost mobilisation.

For maintenance, repairs and rebuilds, PNP has a purpose-built facility in Perth, a full-service workshop in Kalgoorlie and multiple field service units.

Because the company is vertically integrated, all projects are produced to an exceptionally high standard, in-house by the following specialist tradespeople:

  • Fitters
  • Auto Electricians
  • Boilermakers
  • Machinists
  • High Voltage Electricians
  • Mobile Technicians

In addition to the above, all deliverables are backed up by warranties & financial options that rival the OEMs. Because of those benefits and many more, a busy mine manager can expect rapid, reliable solutions to maximise uptime, reduce overheads and increase production.

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Projects & Locations

With a reach that extends across the nation, many Global Mining Houses and Australian underground mining companies use PNP to augment their fleet, plant, labour & operations.

Pit N Portal is always open to new partnership opportunities with small, medium or large operators seeking safe, efficient and effective solutions. At a glance, the company's capabilities include the following:

  • Technical, development & production mine services
  • Underground mining equipment hire
  • Mining equipment maintenance, repairs or significant rebuilds

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Before  PNPs commencement, Ian Barnard & Steve Versteegen were colleagues of a National mining equipment hire company.

At the time, many companies provided dry hire to the surface mining industry. However, underground mining equipment seemed less abundant. Additionally, when it came to reliable and consistent maintenance, suppliers and renters were facing considerable challenges.

Armed with a customer satisfaction orientation and an entrepreneurial spirit, both Ian & Steve saw a definite gap in the market. They knew that by focusing on the underground sector, they'd be able to provide a valuable service and carve out a solid niche.

According to Ian,

"It was clear that the underground environment bought with it some challenges. The generic rental terms and conditions bourn from the more common surface rental sector were not appropriate when applied to underground equipment.

Without intimate knowledge of the operating environment, and putting a detailed and fair hire agreement in place, it was bound to create confusion and tension with clients.

From the outset, we wanted to maintain a high level of quality control relating to the field support we delivered to our clients. Rather than relying on third parties to manage breakdowns, we installed our infrastructure, components, parts inventory, maintenance staff and workshops. Such an approach quickly set us apart from our competitors, and our maintenance focus self-sufficiency has remained to this day."

Subsequent years saw the company position itself within the underground hard-rock mining industry as being an agile, go-to for solving problems.

Steve says,

"As our business evolved, it became apparent that the needs of our mining partners were ever-changing. They required multiple levels of support at different times, in various areas of their operations.

Rather than apply a 'one size fits all' approach, we've continued to focus on diversifying our service offering and maintaining quality, via vertical integration.

That customer orientation ensures PNP upholds a 'solutions-based, best for project' mindset; working with our partners to help reach their goals."

It's clear that PNP has attained considerable growth as a mining services provider over the past two decades; none of which would have been possible without a customer 1st focus.


Pit N Portal is formed in the heart of the Western Australian Goldfields by Ian Barnard & Steve Versteegen.

At the time, the company focused primarily on equipment hire and maintenance.


PNP awarded its 1st contract to supply underground equipment to a prominent goldfields mine-site.

The business operated from its Kalgoorlie office, servicing the greater region.

2004 - 2006

PNPs rapid expansion saw it obtain its first workshop in Felspar Street Welshpool.

The company hires its first employees
and within two years, PNP had outgrown the Felspar St Workshop.

Increasing demand for its services saw PNP needing to move to new facilities, located in Division Street Welshpool.

With a more extensive workshop, multiple bays and overhead cranes, the company was poised to cement itself into the underground mining industry.

By the end of 2006, the company had expanded over 40 Full-time employees.


By this stage, PNPs rental fleet had grown to over 100 units; making it one of Australia's largest underground hard-rock hire companies.

With machines on hire in every state in Australia, a small contingent in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the company provided many benefits to its growing list of clients.


Expanding its Goldfields footprint further, PNP moved into a full service workshop & regional branch in Kalgoorlie.

At this time the company's field services units numbered over 10; comprised of auto electrical, boiler making and mechanical trades.

Won large contract to supply entire mining fleet and on-site maintenance services to a major Goldfields mine site.


Second major equipment and onsite maintenance contract won at remote Murchison WA location.

Moved to brand new purpose built facility Maddington, 7800m2 block with two dedicated workshops for both fabrication and mechanical repairs.


Mining Services division is formed with the first of multiple mining contracts won.

Full time employees at this stage numbered more than 150 skilled workers.

2017 - 2018

Purchased current Kalgoorlie premises in Broadwood to satisfy workshop and lay down requirements, due to the rapid growth of Mining Services.

Operating four major mining services contracts, 250 full time employees.


PNP is acquired by Emeco Group

The merger allows Emeco to leverage its current core capabilities of managing, maintaining and renting equipment (including rebuilds) & expand into the underground market.

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PNPs people are more than just a valuable asset. They are the lifeblood of the organisation. Without its highly-skilled, customer-centric team members, the company couldn't operate.

With an inclusive culture, embracing diversity & gender equality; PNP prides itself as being a'great place to work'. Additionally, the company's industry-leading retention rate and minimal lost time due to illness or injury proves that PNP walks the talk.

Working in unison to deliver safe & efficient production, PNPs employees are solution-focused, team orientated and results-driven.

The company's employees are happy with their jobs, their colleagues, the management and the conditions. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, click the mining jobs button below to find out more.

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