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Pit N Portal is an Australian mining services company. It creates solutions for its clients by bridging their knowledge, equipment and labour gaps.

From short term dry hire, through to full-service mining, PNPs flexibility is its distinguishing factor. Such versatility allows clients the option to 'pick and choose' relevant services while maintaining project control.

A leader in underground mining, PNP is more than just underground mining equipment or labour-hire. The company is vertically integrated. Its in-house resources are scaleable and span a broad range of technical, development & production offerings. In short, the company offers comprehensive whole of mine solutions.

Consider these additional points:

  • PNPs orientation towards locally sourced labour & materials allows for reduced costs, mutual community support, increased production and enhanced safety.
  • PNP comprises a management team and labour force who are underground mining specialists. Combined, the organisation has a wealth of mining industry experience comparable to the 'majors'.
  • As reflected in its sound statistics, Pit N Portal has a well developed and systematic approach to health, safety & environmental management.

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Our Mining Services Approach

When it comes to Perth based mining companies, you'll find that PNPs safe, efficient and effective approach is a perfect match for your project. From operational labour and skilled maintenance,  through to heavy earthmoving equipment hire, Pit N Portal is the solution.

Born in Kalgoorlie, with projects and equipment across the Nation, PNP has a single-minded purpose; to provide solutions you can rely on.

Over the past two decades, PNP has expanded its capacity and capability to encompass total, whole-of-mine solutions, both above and below ground, across the country.

Whether it be a re-start or new mine scenario, PNP supports junior, mid and tier 1 clients in attaining their goals. The key way PNP supports clients is by applying a partnership approach; sharing its proven systems, resources and technology.

In conjunction with a can-do culture, that model has an impressive track record of delivering 'best for project' results and client satisfaction.

Pit N Portal has a National coverage with a local perspective. Please scroll down to discover PNPs complete range of offerings

Technical Offerings

Just the same as other prominent mining companies based in Perth, PNP provides the kind of mining support services that you'd expect from an established company with a 20 year history. Covering the complete technical spectrum, PNP provides the following solutions:

  • Mine designs, planning and scheduling (including JORC2012-compliant ore reserve statements)
  • Statutory mine management (including 1st class mine manager & grade one surveyor appointments)
  • Underground mining personnel such as mine geologists, surveyors, engineers and related professionals
  • Up to date software technology such as Deswik & Datamine, in addition to internal databases that accurately track production
  • True integration between technical engineering and actual underground mining development & production

PNP is adept at navigating the 'real-life' challenges inherent to the underground arena. Combined with an innovative and diligent team of mining engineers, Pit N Portal's clients enjoy certainty via pragmatic designs and productive outcomes.

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Project Development

When it comes to development, PNPs modern fleet of development drills equates to the rapid delivery of project solutions. As specialist underground mining contractors with National coverage, the company offers conventional and narrow-vein options to its clients.

In conjunction with quality maintenance practices and an in-house electrical services team, PNPs mining crews efficiently & safely develop mines on time and budget.

Specific to mine establishment, Pit N Portal's clients can tailor modules relevant to their needs; via the following contract mining services:

  • Portal establishment and high-speed decline development
  • Level and ore drive development (including mechanised narrow-vein mining)
  • Rehabilitation and ground support
  • Provision of all supervisory, mining, maintenance and support personnel

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Underground Production

Complimenting its mine establishment capabilities, Pit N Portal provides a comprehensive range of integrated contract production services.

To meet the company's stringent standards, PNP has developed in-house training programs to deliver quality, safety & efficiency. Moreover, all relevant personnel possess essential qualifications, such as shot firers & dangerous goods licensing.

The company offers the following suite of underground mining production services:

  • Conventional and tele-remote stope bogging
  • Modern loaders with full guidance systems
  • Production drilling, including longhole & airleg slot rising
  • Electronic initiation systems for optimal timing & blast results
  • A diverse range of modern haulage equipment, optimized to site and project requirements.

Airleg Mining

Expanding further, PNP has a core group of experienced miners able to undertake airleg mining in rises, drives and stoping.

The company and its experienced teams has a successful track record of extracting high grades of ore safely and efficiently, despite challenging conditions. Consider some of these benefits below, for your project:

  • Targeted mining equates to reduced waste, which in turn means enhanced grade concentration
  • The ability to 'chase out' ore bodies that would be uneconomical by utilising heavy mobile plant
  • The risk of entrapment is greatly minimised due to not requiring mobile plant in narrow areas
  • Ventilation requirements are reduced and, this method is excellent for maximising yield via remnant mining old workings.

While many contract mining companies shy away from airleg mining, PNPs experience, combined with its proven safety management systems ensures that the risks associated with handheld mining are mitigated through appropriate supervision, training & risk assessments.

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Technology & Innovation

Maintaining momentum in a rapidly changing landscape requires considerable resources. However, because it is an essential factor in delivering outstanding customer service, PNP willingly invests in technology and innovation.

As mining contractors, having advanced tech is one thing. Making sure it effectively and efficiently integrates with client process & systems is another. Additionally, any innovation undertaken needs to meet or exceed industry norms, best practice and legislation.

Taking a structured approach to addressing the complexity of continuous improvement; PNP currently utilises the following to support client goals:

  • 'TRAK' - Proprietary, Real Time Maintenance Monitoring
  • Globally accessible, cloud based application (HTML5) with offline capabilities
  • Tablet friendly, easy to use, with voice to text built in
  • CMMS API ready, Pronto and SAP compatible
  • Integrated Freight Management
  • Cloud based and fully integrated with in-house ERP (Pronto)
  • Conforms with the National Chain of Responsibility Regulations
  • Efficient & effective online booking/tracking for all items, including dangerous goods
  • 1PNP - Health, Safety, Environment, Human Resources & Document Management
  • Captures safety & training data in the field, with offline capability and auto online updates
  • Record/view incidents, hazards, inspections and task observations
  • Controlled, one-stop employee records and training matrix updates
  • Complete organisational document management
  • Integrated Asset Management
  • GPS enabled major asset tracking, monitoring & reporting
  • Minor asset, inventory and component tracking/monitoring via RFID technology.
Integrated Geological Services

PNP delivers practical solutions in production geology, mineral resource estimations and project evaluations.

Designed with client requirements foremost, each assignment follows an interactive methodology; ensuring the output follows the client’s requirements of the project. Ongoing support is available for continued development of the assignment or project.

To date, PNP has provided services for Junior to Mid-Tier Companies; including, on-site technical services, site setup procedures/work flows and mineral resource estimations, reported in accordance with the JORC Code (2012).

PNP offers a range of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Interpretation, estimation & technical reports
  • Site Setup Procedures and work flows
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Operational Tasks
  • Datamine and Datashed software use
  • Data Validations and QAQC analysis
  • LOM and GC Drilling programs & scheduling

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safety equipment on a worker

Health & Safety

Pit N Portal has a dedicated team of HSET professionals. Each team member has an excellent balance of industry-specific qualifications & comprehensive underground experience.

PNPs mining services industry professionals hold all relevant mining qualifications including Post Graduate OHS, Lead Auditor, ICAM and Cert IV Training & Assessing along with in-house PNP training.

Combining HSET expertise and the partnership of each employee, PNP focuses on a ‘Zero Harm’ mandate.

Our Journey Towards 'Zero'

To Pit N Portal, ‘Zero Harm’ is more than a tag-line. It is the foundation of efficient underground production.

Therefore, sturdy safety strategies have been developed and implemented within the context of perpetual improvement; with all operations aligning to bring out the best possible outcomes.

By applying thorough risk assessments and concentrating on risk mitigation, PNP continuously strives to reduce safety-related incidents in the workplace.

To enhance performance, PNP uses numerous lead and lag indicators to monitor and track safe execution. Additional methods of measurement include hazard identification and closure, risk reduction, completion of training, action close-out and injury frequency rates.


Quality Management

As mining contractors dedicated to continued growth and improvement, PNP knows its success is dependent on customer satisfaction. Therefore Pit N Portal’s quality management system (QMS) and its Quality Policy reflects the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality of mining supplies and services.

Designed within the principles of ISO9001:2015, PNPs quality management plan ensures:

  • Clearly defined objectives & targets
  • Thorough risk assessment and management
  • The mapping of detailed task responsibilities and authorities
  • That nominated quality controls are implemented, with all outputs consistently meeting client requirements.

Additionally, PNP embraces the philosophy of the continual improvement of its QMS, policy’s & procedures; along with robust document control.

As such, the undertaking of regular reviews ensures all policy’s and procedures comply with all applicable legislation, codes and standards; with all non-conformances investigated and logged via PNPs proprietary management software.

Pit N Portal pays more than just lip service to quality. The company lives and breathes excellence in everything it does, often exceeding industry standards and norms. If this is the kind of company you'd like to work with, click the button below to get in contact.

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