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Mining jobs in Australia

How to win in the race for mining jobs

Ready-Get Set-Go!

Maybe your CV is a little dusty or maybe you’re looking for an entry level mining job. If you’re serious about landing a job in the mines, then you need to be on top of your game to make sure your CV gets noticed and that you make that all-important good first impression at an interview. And for those that have the much-sought after trade experience, take it from us, it doesn’t guarantee you the job.

So, here’s our check-list of how to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward as you embark on applying for a job in the mines.

Let’s start with your CV.

  • We know this might sound a little obvious but check that your contact details are correct. Mistakes happens more often than you might think either because this section is glossed over and assumed or typos. So, whilst this falls into the ‘basic’ category and we don’t want to teach you to suck an egg, it’s worth checking that everything’s correct, just to make sure.

A winning CV.

Getting through the first stage.

The most important thing on your CV is your experience, your qualifications and tickets. It’s the first thing a recruiter or the HR teams will scan for as they sift through the hundreds, of CV’s. What you write here can be the make or break of your chance to move to the next stage. So, make sure to:

  • Start from the most recent role and work backwards. And the same goes for your qualifications, training and tickets. And make sure to include any expiry dates.
  • Be clear and punchy BUT not vague. List your actual responsibilities and any specific achievements that show your skill-set, rather than generic duties.
  • Include any transferable skills from previous non-related work such as; working in teams, communication skills, solving problems, working under pressure or any safety knowledge or work practices.
  • And if you’re a new to the industry, make sure you include examples of any physical labour you’ve done previously – farming, construction or labouring.

Top Tip: Call a recruitment company or the prospective mining company to check what experience, qualification or tickets are expected before you apply.

Expression Of Interest

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Mining CV

The final few pointers.

Standing out from the rest.
  • A key thing that recruiters will be looking for is if you’ve provided references – it’s essential you do – and whether they are recent. An old reference or a mate won’t carry much credibility. So, choose recent referees who have supervised or managed you and try to include more than one. Check that these people are willing to be references and give them a little info about the new role you’re applying for so they’re well prepared.
  • About you. Recruiters WILL check social media. They’ll not only check your social media pages but they’ll also look for any tagged pictures of you too. How you appear on social media is very likely to be the first impression you give to the recruiter or a potential employer so it’s possibly worth doing a quick check and tidy up.
  • Always include a cover letter with your CV. It doesn’t need to be long but this it’s an opportunity to give your reasons for applying for a job in mining and show you understand what a mining job entails.

Top tip: Make sure you follow up on the CV’s you send. And if you’re rejected, don’t be afraid to ask why so as you can address these points for your next application.

Mining basecamp

The Interview

Are you the ‘right’ person for the job?

Interviews are all about trying to establish if you’re the ‘right’ person for the job. And by ‘right’ we mean, your fit into the company culture and into the world of mining. The key to success in an interview is PREPARATION.

  • Do your homework on the company. Try to find out a little about the site, past projects, the policies the company has on things like safety and training. The key is to demonstrate you’re interested in the company. Visit the website and don’t forget to check their social media. Competitor and industry websites and news articles are also a good source of information.
  • The bulk of the interview questions will likely be situational-based questions. Examples might be asking you to describe a time when you faced a difficult problem and how you overcame it. Or if you’ve ever gone the extra mile in a job. Or maybe asking about a time you made a mistake and how you dealt with it and what you learnt. The root of these questions is to assess your ‘softer’ skills for the job – tenacity, communication, problem-solving, commitment and leadership. Other questions that might come up may focus on your drive and motivation; why you want the job and why you’re the best candidate. Top Tip. Jot down a few notes and use these as prompts to help you remember.
Job in the mines

The finish line is in sight.

Securing a job in mining.
  • Be ready to ask questions. Avoid asking about holidays, salary or when you’ll hear back. Instead ask about the role, the company culture, opportunities to progress, training. Besides the prospective employer judging if you are a good fit, this is your opportunity to see if this company is the right fit for you.
  • Get suited and booted. The best advice we can give here is to dress appropriately for the role you’re applying for and the person you’ll be meeting. A corporate role probably requires shirt and smart trousers. A role on-site, requiring high-vis and steel capped boots, then jeans and a polo shirt, would be more appropriate.

Applying for jobs in the incredibly competitive mining industry is not easy and there’s no guarantees of success, even if you do have the all-important ‘in-demand’ experience. Craft a strong CV showcasing you’re able to do the job and should you get an interview, use this to demonstrate you’re the right person for the job. Preparation is key in giving yourself the best chance to stand out from the – very big – crowd.

For more information on a career in mining or the current job vacancies available at Pit N Portal, visit our mining jobs page