HSEQ & Business Systems

Pit N Portal's Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Business frameworks are fully integrated, time tested and reliable.

Designed within the principles of perpetual improvement, our systems deliver standardised data across the company. Information is readily accessed in real, or almost real-time; enabling accountability, transparent reporting and rapid knowledge sharing with clients. 

Health And Safety

Pit N Portal's 'Zero Harm' approach

Each member of PNPs HSET team has an excellent balance of industry-specific qualifications & experience, such as: 

  • Post Graduate OHS
  • Lead Auditing
  • Cert IV Training & Assessing 
  • Specialised, in-house training
  • ICAM (Incident Cause Analysis Methodology)

Combining HSET expertise and the partnership of each employee, PNP focuses on a ‘Zero Harm’ mandate. 

Robust safety strategies have been developed and implemented within the context of perpetual improvement. Moreover, thorough risk assessments & mitigation tactics combine to continuously enhance safety in the workplace.

To monitor and track safe execution, Pit N Portal's HSE leaders apply a wide range of lead and lag indicators to the task of making certain everyone goes home safely. Additionally, hazard identification and closure, risk reduction, completion of training, action close out and injury frequency rates are utilised throughout our projects and partnerships.

Environmental Management

PNP aims to be 'part of the solution'

Recognising the negative impact of waste and pollution on our planet; PNP aims to be ‘part of the solution’. Applying the principals of best practice risk management; Pit N portal abate's and where possible, eliminates actions that harm the environment.

Currently, PNP undertakes the following environmentally sustainable activities: 

  • GHG emission assessments of all equipment during procurement investing in lower emission items as fit for project & PNPs sustainability.
  • Strict management of hazardous materials and waste in-line with State & National legislation.
  • Investment in renewable energy systems; such as the 100kW array pictured on PNPs Maddington facility (abating approx 102 tonnes of Scope 2 emissions annually). 
  • Engaging all PNPs employees to minimise or eradicate single-use, plastic food containers on site.

In the short term future, Pit N Portal will execute ongoing programs designed to reduce PNPs impact, such as: 

  • Initiating a company-wide GHG emissions audit to understand the ecological impact of the business; furthering the development of mitigation policies and procedures 
  • Financially supporting seedling propagation and participating in annual tree planting events. 

Quality Management

Our success is our client's satisfaction

Aware that success is dependent on customer satisfaction, Pit N Portal’s QMS and subsequent policies reflect its commitment to providing excellence. 

Designed within the principles of ISO9001:2015, PNPs quality management plan ensures: 

  • Clearly defined objectives & targets 
  • Thorough risk assessment and management 
  • Detailed mapping of task responsibilities and authorities 
  • Nominated quality controls are implemented, with all outputs consistently meeting client requirements. 

PNP embraces the philosophy of continual QMS, policy & procedure improvement, along with robust document control. 

As such the undertaking of regular reviews ensures all policy’s and procedures comply with all applicable legislation, codes and standards; with all non-conformances investigated and logged via PNPs proprietary management software.

Pit N Portal pays more than just lip service to quality. the company lives and breathes excellence in everything it does, often exceeding industry standards and norms.

Business Systems

Enhancing productivity

PNPs business systems enhance productivity, safety, profitability and ease of integration with client operations. 

HSET & HR Management 

  • Provides whole-of-site and individualised risk management 
  • Captures safety & training data in the field, with offline capability/auto online updates 
  • Record/view incidents, hazards, inspections and task observations 
  • Complete organisational document management. 

Pronto Xi ERP

  • Assists in the day-to-day management of financials, distribution, supply chain, asset and facility management. 

Trak - Real Time Maintenance Management 

  • TRAK provides real-time interaction and monitoring of data between administration and maintenance personnel on the workshop floor. 

Integrated Freight Mananagement

  • Cloud based and fully integrated with in-house ERP (Pronto)
  • Conforms with the National Chain of Responsibility Regulations
  • Efficient & effective online booking/tracking for all items, including dangerous goods
  • Cloud based and fully integrated with in-house ERP (Pronto)

EOS (Emeco Operating System)

  • EOS Dashboard displays real time production data
  • The Dashboard empowers key personnel to monitor shift performance and allows instantaneous decisions to be made to assist in reaching production goals