Mining Equipment Maintenance & Rebuilds

With a purpose-built complex in Perth, fully equipped Kalgoorlie operation, multiple field service units and a contingent of specialist tradespeople, PNPs clients enjoy rapid & reliable mining equipment maintenance, component and machine rebuilds.

Heavy Equipment Services

Rapid, Reliable And Cost Effective

In addition to being mining equipment suppliers, Pit N Portal are one of Australia's most prominent heavy equipment repair companies.

For heavy machine maintenance, repairs and rebuilds, PNP offers a state of the art, purpose-built facility in Perth. With a full-service workshop in Kalgoorlie and multiple field service units, Pit N Portal's long list of clients get their machines & equipment up and running quickly, enabling optimum mining production.

And because the company is vertically integrated, quality is under control and all projects are produced in-house, to an exceptionally high standard, by the following specialist tradespeople:

  • Fitters
  • Auto Electricians
  • Boilermakers
  • Machinists
  • High Voltage Electricians
  • Mobile Technicians

In addition, all deliverables are backed up by warranties & financial options that rival the OEMs. And because of those benefits and many more, a busy mine manager can expect rapid, reliable solutions to maximise uptime, reduce overheads and increase production.

Mining Equipment Maintenance

A Wide Range Of Equipment Maintenance Services

When it comes to maintaining underground mining equipment, Pit N Portal has consistently delivered an exceptional, highly regarded maintenance service for the past decade.

Over that period, PNP has developed a systematic, efficient workflow that greatly minimises client costs and delivers long lasting, reliable results.

With a purpose built complex in Perth, a fully equipped Kalgoorlie operation, multiple field service units and a contingent of specialist tradespeople; PNPs clients enjoy rapid repairs and minimal downtime.

Other benefits to your operation:

  • Predictive maintenance software
  • Extensive inventory of new, used and refurbished parts to reduce lead times.
  • Heavy-duty boiler making, including: bucket & tray repairs, ROPS, FOPS and certified cabs
  • Custom fabrication, coded welding, precise machining and line boring.
  • The full suite of machine electrical diagnostics & repairs, including: certified air-con repairs, machine rewires & upgrades, vehicle fit-outs and safety system overhauls.
  • Complete local or remote field service solutions that include: on site equipment support, labour hire and breakdown diagnostics/repairs.

Furthermore, PNP is a market leader in the area of major machine rebuilds. Projects are carried out with minimal downtime, utilising an impressive stock of new, rebuilt, spare parts and service exchange components.

Service Exchange

Pit N Portal has gathered a huge inventory over the past two decades and developed an end-to-end service exchange program that effectively integrates with customer systems.

New Parts

Reducing downtime & cost for clients, PNP is vertically integrated. Its team of highly skilled tradespeople manufacture new parts in-house, including guards, panels, hand rails & custom multi-fit tow retrieval hooks.

Refurbished Parts

An ever expanding inventory, plus a continuous cycle of machine core wrecking means a steady stream of fast moving parts and components are available at short notice for clients.

Machine Rebuilds

Lower Capital Outlay, Same Reliability & Productivity

PNP is highly adept at providing ‘back to new’ machine rebuilds. The company delivers the reliability and productivity of brand new equipment at 60% of the capital cost.

This comprehensive service is backed by warranties and financial options that rival the OEMs. While each project is tailored to client specifications, a 'standard' rebuild includes:

  • Components rebuilt
  • All pumps, electrical, valves and hoses are replaced
  • OEM updates
  • Frames reclaimed, bolt holes tapped, bosses/lugs replaced
  • Guards/covers replaced/repaired
  • Anti-corrosive coating applied
  • Cab re-built and re-certified
  • Rigorous testing/adjusting 
  • Complete suite of project reports, safety, quality, performance and statutory documentation 

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PNP provides certainty throughout all projects via detailed weekly reporting, rigorous testing and calibration.

Additionally, dedicated on-site commissioning and field support is made available to smooth the handover process.

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Case Study: CAT® 1700G Rebuild

Outstanding result, maximum client satisfaction

8 Weeks (April 2021 commissioning) 

Caterpillar R1700 Underground Loader 

Completed mid April 2021, the project included a strip down to bones and a comprehensive overhaul of the transmission, axle / power-train hydraulics, operators cab, electrics, frame / body, bucket, tires and rims. 

In addition to a new RCT guidance system, a Cat® VR Engine (USA Import) and after-market DPF unit was installed, allowing for reduced emissions and impressive fuel economy. 

The unit was fully commissioned and production ready for its high-profile, Goldfields end user. 

Key challenges in the roll-out of this project were found in fright delays and parts supply shortages 

Throughout the life of this project, no reportable incidents occurred. Additionally, the rebuild was completed within scope, budget and deadline.